A change that is needed...

Well among all the problems that my lj seems to have, I have made a new one and have moved over to that one. If you are at all interested in continuing to hear about me when I post (and yes, I will be making an effort to post more often) will be there from now on.


See you all over there. If you want to be added just check the first post.

My LJ problems

OK, for you all out there who are on my friends list and are not seeing the posts/entry's it is because there is something wrong with the database that is archiving my journal, or something weird like that.

I e-mailed tech/support and they basically told me that they would look at it but...They say because of the all the custom interface stuff I *HAD* when i was a paid member that when I was downgraded it did something weird to the archive for my account.

...what fucking ever...

so needless to say until it gets fixed I will only post off and on, and when I can public entries but for now it is still friends only.

Blessed be.

Change again.

I have pruned my friends list in effort to keep it clean and keep people who are active. If I have removed you and you would like to be re-added post here for your request.


With that in mind I am going to try to post more often here as well as x-posting myspace blog posts.

~nod nod ~

Fucking gold fish.

So the un thinkable has happened.

My gold fish ate my sucker fish. mind you its just two gold fish. and a small small terta in there. they fucking ate it. I don't belive it. Im about to give up on my god dam fish tank, yes i know i need to clean it and they need some more water but fucking christ. come on. oi. great way to start off my day with this along with sleeping too long and having to goto work groggy. oi. more later when i get home if i feel like it.

dont' mistake this as an emo post. wait it is never mind. and i don't wnat my journal to beocome an emo journal but fucking hell this post is.

also what is with people being ass holes. i try to be nice and all and it just seems that i cant win. so here i am again taking in it in the ass with no lube. heh.
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That is right, I am posting on LJ, scary huh? Thought I would let some people know that I am not dead and still am around. For the most part I have made Journal public but Will keep some entires to the selected eyes of the underworld.

I got a job a week ago working grave so I am sleeping most of the day now (not like that was new or anything).

Trying to get in contact with some people I have lost touch with, and some well... I need to clear up a few things and at least come clean. But none the less, the moon is giving me stength to get through these hard times and with the new job, thank you goddess, I can finally start to move on again. Well here is hoping.

I got to get out of here for the night because of work in a few hours but I will try to get back on here, if you know my MySpace.com name I am more or likely going to be there more often than nawt.
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(no subject)

Not going to be around, so I just wanted to say, HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEARS YA BITCHES!!!

(ps: dont take offance to it, its an inside joke, but happy new years none the less)


I don't know if any of you hard core fans noticed TNBC reference in the Holiday live journal image. but if you look out the window where santa and his rain-dear are, look more closely, you can see spiral hill.
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