July 9th, 2006


Fucking gold fish.

So the un thinkable has happened.

My gold fish ate my sucker fish. mind you its just two gold fish. and a small small terta in there. they fucking ate it. I don't belive it. Im about to give up on my god dam fish tank, yes i know i need to clean it and they need some more water but fucking christ. come on. oi. great way to start off my day with this along with sleeping too long and having to goto work groggy. oi. more later when i get home if i feel like it.

dont' mistake this as an emo post. wait it is never mind. and i don't wnat my journal to beocome an emo journal but fucking hell this post is.

also what is with people being ass holes. i try to be nice and all and it just seems that i cant win. so here i am again taking in it in the ass with no lube. heh.
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