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That is right, I am posting on LJ, scary huh? Thought I would let some people know that I am not dead and still am around. For the most part I have made Journal public but Will keep some entires to the selected eyes of the underworld.

I got a job a week ago working grave so I am sleeping most of the day now (not like that was new or anything).

Trying to get in contact with some people I have lost touch with, and some well... I need to clear up a few things and at least come clean. But none the less, the moon is giving me stength to get through these hard times and with the new job, thank you goddess, I can finally start to move on again. Well here is hoping.

I got to get out of here for the night because of work in a few hours but I will try to get back on here, if you know my name I am more or likely going to be there more often than nawt.
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