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Saga of Forgotten Dreams

Chapter: XIX~XXII

Angelic Aldeian
26 March
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My blogger code: B9 d t- k+ s+ u-- f+ i++ o++ x++ e+ l+ c+ (decode it!)

Version: 3.1
GFA/GP d+ s-:+ a21-- C++++ UL++ P+>++++ L++ E--- W+++ N++
o++(+++) K- w+ O M--* V(+) PS++(+++) PE- Y PGP+ t- 5++ X-
R+++ tv-- b+(++) DI@+ D++>+++ G e>+++ h(+) r+ y**

Element: Wind

Ambitious, charismatic, cheerful, determined, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, honest, instinctive, outgoing, passionate, self-confident, strong-willed.

Aggressive, competitive, hot-tempered, ignorant, impatient, impulsive, stubborn, uncompromising, unorganized, unsettled, violent.

I am the first sign of the zodiac and associated with spring: the symbol of rebirth and all beginnings. It characterizes the fighter, the pioneer, the mystic, and the courageous one who never gives up, but also make me very stubborn. I am also a wind cardinal, which means that I don’t wait around until others take action. In other words, I initiate action immediately, forcefully, and directly. I have a kind of autonomy that no other ascendant seems to have. I am willing to risk my live in order to accomplish goals. I pursue objectives with a tremendous, fixed, emotional intensity, and are able to draw on hidden sources of power. (I'll go into it later)((or better let unsaid)) I don't try to do it, but I become the leader of situations, so that I don’t need to depend on anyone. Unforchently, sometime my obsession with staying on top of everything becomes a passionate battle for power. While I may appear composed and self-possessed on the surface, I contain a charismatic intensity and mesmerizing personality beneath the surface, much like an active volcano before eruption. It’s very hard for others to resist me(not in that way)((well sometimes, lol)), when I want to draw them into my group of friends, because of my mysterious magnetism. My universe is infinite, deep, and spiritual, and people who decide to venture into it, can’t help but being touched by its unfathomable atmosphere. However, my universe is not a trap, it is rather a way for me to share an intensely emotional experience. Yet, my intimate world is not easy to reach, because it is hidden and secret. If someone wants to explore and discover it, they need to put a lot of effort, intensity, and time into it.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. I think.